I am Subhamay Ray, a professional freelance translator.  I love to read serious literature although my time is limited. I accept books from publishers and authors for a fair, professional and honest review on this site. By ‘honest’ I obviously mean that the review may include both positive and negative remarks about the book.

I’d prefer to receive a paperback or a hard copy of the book if you can send it to my mailing address in India. If you need my mailing address, please send an email. I may also accept e-books in a Kindle-friendly format.

I reserve the right to decline a review request for any reason and I do not guarantee a review of every book sent to me. Since my reading time is limited, I may not be able to read and review more than a couple of books a month. Review requests from publishers may get precedence over self-published authors.

Genres that I will not consider for review (this list is not complete):
1. Erotica
2. Science fiction
3. Horror
4. Religion

The reviews published on this site are the property of the reviewer and can only be used with the permission of the reviewer.

Please use the contact form below to write to me. Thank you!