Review: Famine, Affluence and Morality by Peter Singer

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Title: Famine, Affluence, and Morality Author: Peter Singer Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA Release Date: December 1, 2015 Pages: 128 Singer's simple rule that can help you to decide how much to give is this: the amount of money we spend in 'luxuries, not necessities'. My Rating: ★★★★☆ Peter Singer’s Famine, Affluence and Morality is essentially an impassioned plea for individual philanthropy. He addresses the people of the...

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Review: Straight from the Donkey’s Mouth by Eleni Trataris Cotton

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Title: Straight From the Donkey’s Mouth Author: Eleni Trataris Cotton Genre: Travel Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd Release Date: November 14, 2014 Pages: 200 Although Eleni Trataris Cotton's Straight from the Donkey's Mouth is a work of fiction, it almost reads like a travelogue and gives a good view of the present day Greece and its problems. The events of this amusing and delightful piece of fiction take place in Greece. The present...

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