Happy Habits Book Cover Happy Habits
Vicki Morris
InspiredWork LLC
November 19, 2015

If the purpose of writing a self-help book is to help the readers make their lives better in some ways, Vicki Morris’s Happy Habits: Energize Your Life and Career in 4 Minutes a Day should succeed in its aim. Her well-written book is for those who want to be happier in their careers and lives. So Vicki addresses the whole of humanity although the book appears to be directed at people who are at the crossroads in their professional lives — those who are applying for a job or changing careers. In other words, Vicki aims to help people who are under stress and need energy and inspiration.

How does Happy Habits aim to help? It guides the readers to quick daily practices — forty one-minute Happy Habits or ‘mini-energizers’ for successfully creating better habits. In truth, Vicki describes, in the guise of those Happy Habits, many rules that we all know but seldom practice. These habits, if practised regularly, would help to improve the physical and mental health of anyone, irrespective of their situation.

Happy Habits is, by and large, edifying, even inspiring. More importantly, it will remind you of actions that you can perform quickly and easily but which will help your physical or mental health. The book is a good read although, to this reviewer, the chapters on the science behind the plan and how to create a plan, appeared somewhat tedious.

Readers may not agree with all the rules described in this book. For example, this reviewer would never be able to consider a disruptive telephone call when he is engaged in serious work as the “universe’s attempt to get my attention”. But most of the author’s suggestions are valuable and helpful.

Happy Habits is nicely illustrated, and it has an abundance of inspirational quotes. It also mentions a website that would help committed practitioners of Happy Habits to stay accountable and motivated. Vicki Morris’s Happy Habits should have a wide readership.

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.